Advanced Vineyard Systems, Inc.
Vineyard design, development, management and consultation. Custom grapevine propagation. Vineyard management in Oregon.
Appellation Trading Co.
Appellation Trading Co. services clients who need to replicate a wine profile to supplement current brand or wish to market a specific profile for a new brand. Our negociant service routinely completes the formulation of a successful wine profiles.
Casa Cristal Nursery, Inc.
Casa Cristal Nursery offers a wide selection of 2010 Protocol varietals as potted and bare root grapevines complemented with an array of services including custom soil mapping, planting and post-planting assistance.
Case By Case Wine and Grape Suppliers
Case by Case Wine and Grape Suppliers offer winegrowing experience and very strict hands-on attention to assure our clients a superior product, meticulously cultivated to produce great wines. We also offer bulk wine and juice.
Chateau Aux Arc Vineyards & Winery
Manufacturer of wine, bulk wines, cooking wine and vinegar. Winegrower of over 30 varietals. Nursery operation specializing in certified dormant Cynthiana/Norton grapevines. Largest Cynthiana grower in the US! Call for availability of other hybrids.
Double A Vineyards, Inc.
Complete line of American, hybrid, vinifera and seedless grapevines. Cornell and Minnesota varieties. Geneva, New York breeding program varieties. Vineyard supplies, disease and pest management supplies and reference books.
Duarte Nursery
Duarte Nursery, Inc. produces 100% containerized grapevines from 291 certified clones and ultra clean rootstock. Duarte Nursery's product formats include the Standard Vine 12", MagnumVine 24" and UberVine 35".
Fairhaven Vineyards
1 liter container-grown vines. Vineyard drip irrigation supplies, vineyard planting supplies, trellising materials. Advanced planting mixes and organic fertilizers. Commercial/hobby vineyard design and installation. Licensed irrigation installation.
Grey Creek Viticultural Services, Inc.
Grey Creek provides budwood for field grafting. We also sell rootstock cuttings, rooted rootings, grafted vines, greenvines and olive trees. We represent 8 different California nurseries at no extra cost with one call.
Guillaume Grapevine Nursery
Production and sale of certified grapevines, potted, dormant bare-rooted, grafted and own-rooted. ENTAV-INRA licence. Consulting and advice on clone and rootstock selection for vineyard development projects.
IVF - Institut Francais de la Vigne et du Vin
The mission of the French Institute of Vine and Wine is to conduct general studies for all the wine industry in the areas of plant breeding, viticulture, vinification and product marketing.
Knights Grapevine Nursery
We offer a premium product of dormant and potted grapevines for our customers. Our motto 'On Guard Against Viruses' insures that we will do our part to protect your investment and shield against viruses. We are your source for plant material.
L E Cooke Co.
Inventor and manufacturer of Miracle Garden Tie for nurseries and vineyards. Importer of MAX Tapener products.
Lake Pepin Winery
We sell extremely cold hardy grapevines mail order all across the US.
Martinez Orchards
Providing the industry with quality Dormant Rootstock and Grafted Grapevines for over 35 years.
Quality dormant benchgrafted vines, green benchgrafted vines and rootings. Featuring Novavine exclusives: Tablas Creek Vineyard Selection Rhône varietals and VCR (Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo) French and Italian clones.
The Olive Grove Nursery
Mature olive trees for the estate or vineyard. Sales and tree moving services. A Northern California Olive tree moving company since 1965--California's best source for mature olive trees.
Stoneboat Vineyard
Boutique winery specializing in pinot varieties; Viti Tech Nurseries propagates.
Sunridge Nurseries
Sunridge Nurseries supplies hand-crafted, custom dormant and deep root green benchgrafted grapevines with personalized service. Protocol 2010, French ENTAV and Iberian Plansel clones available.
Winterhaven Vineyard and Nursery
Bare root, cold-hardy grapevines. LaCrescent, Frontenac, Frontenac Gris, Frontenac Blanc, Marquette, Brianna, St. Croix, Edelweiss and many others. All vines are guaranteed.
Wonderful Nurseries
Wonderful Nurseries is the largest grapevine nursery in North America serving your vine, almond and pistachio tree needs. Wonderful Nurseries is the most trusted name in the industry for best selection and most tested grapevines in the industry.


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