A&J Vineyard Supply, Inc.
A & J Vineyard Supply offers a comprehensive line of vineyard trellising systems and supplies. Our knowledgeable sales team is ready to serve you, regardless of size or budget.
AgFast Corp.
We sell: AgLok, Continuous AgLok, BranchLok, DripLok, TrellisLok, Continuous TrellisLok, WireVise, WireLink, Vinyl-Tye, GreenTie.
Dubois Agrinovation, Inc.
Advice and solutions for irrigation, plastic mulch film, floating row covers, greenhouse and nursery equipment, vineyard and orchard equipment and the effective use of plastic picking basket, harvest containers and harvest bins.
Fairhaven Vineyards
1 liter container-grown vines. Vineyard drip irrigation supplies, vineyard planting supplies, trellising materials. Advanced planting mixes and organic fertilizers. Commercial/hobby vineyard design and installation. Licensed irrigation installation.
Fehr Brothers Industries, Inc.
Trellis wire, wire cutting tools, earth anchors and hardware.
Finger Lakes Trellis Supply
Innovative vineyard and orchard products.
JSC Agricultural Supply A Division of Jim's Supply Co.
Our on-site production plant allows us to produce customized trellising systems. By going straight to the source, growers can save money while also receiving high-quality materials. We also provide an extensive selection of field supplies.
Linde Vineyard Supply
Domestic steel trellising, harvest products, deer fencing, bird netting, grow tubes. Serving Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia.
OVS - Orchard & Vineyard Supply
Broad solutions capabilities from trellis, supplies, ag chemicals to equipment. Results Partners is the vineyard management division of Oregon Vineyard Supply.
Oesco, Inc.
OESCO, Inc. is your source for vineyard sprayers, mowers, trellis supplies, bird and insect netting, including our new zone netting, pruning and harvesting tools and LANCMAN water operated bladder presses. Call us for a catalog!
Our advanced agriculture technology platforms enable commercial growers to harness, optimize and better utilize sunlight to maximize yield and accelerate growth with no need for additional chemicals or fertilizers.
PA Trellising Systems, Inc.
PA Trellising Systems posts are long lasting and robust. Especially our hot-dip galvanized products last 25-30 years in every climate and our patented profiles are so flexible that they suit every use. Customization is possible.
Hoop Houses and Trellises
Spec Trellising
Supplier of high quality vineyard and winery products, including tanks, filters, steam generators, fillers, trellis posts and wire, harvest bins, vineyard clips, pruners, bird netting, etc.
Tangent Technologies, LLC
Whether you’re looking for a residential, commercial, or structural application, Tangent alternative materials are proven to perform at the highest level. Choose your application below and explore our material offerings in greater detail.
TianJin HiJet Fence Supplies, Inc.
TianJin HiJet Fence Supplies is Asia's leading supplier of fencing and trellising products. We provide both engineered as well as off-the-shelf products and all of our products are of the highest quality at very reasonable prices.
Tru Trellis
Quality Vineyard Line Posts from Priefert Manufacturing. Manufactured stronger to last longer. Source your vineyard posts with Tru Trellis. We inventory rolled edge line posts for immediate shipment.
Vineyard Industry Products Co.
Complete line of vineyard supplies: t-posts, rolled-edge highway posts, training stakes, crossarms, steel end posts, lodgepoles, anchors, wire, clips, pruning and tying supplies, vine protectors, bird netting, erosion control products and night lighting.
W Silver, Inc.
W. Silver manufactures unpainted t-posts (grapestakes), rebar training stakes, cross arms and other vineyard products. W. Silver also offers U-channel posts in Mexico, and trellis wire in the USA and Mexico.


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