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What is DMS?

Distributor Market Service (DMS) is a web-based business intelligence tool that enables wineries to identify, contact, and monitor North American distributors.

Powered by the industry leading winery and distributor databases of Wines Vines Analytics and IRI sales data, DMS provides wineries the ability to analyze their off-premise sales within a specific distributor and compare sales data to their distributor’s overall sales. Wineries can also compare sales data to their direct competitors in the same market.

By using DMS, wineries can now identify distributors in a specific market and view the wineries they represent. DMS enables wineries to find distributors that fit their need based on the number of wineries a distributor represents, winery production size, and the average bottle price of wineries in their portfolio.

Key Features
  • Search over 1,400 North American distributors.
  • Identify distributors by market, name, or winery.
  • Access distributor contact information.
  • View distributor winery portfolios.
  • Find distributors that fit your winery’s need.
  • Analyze your off-premise sales.
  • Download performance reports.
  • Compare sales numbers to your distributor’s overall sales.
  • Compare sales data to your direct competitor’s data.
Distributor Profiles Include
  • Company name and address
  • Contact with email and phone number
  • Corporate linkage
  • Wineries represented
    • Number of wineries in portfolio
    • Annual case production of each winery
    • Average bottle price of each winery
    • Winery brands
Service Levels
Sales Level
  • Links quarterly IRi off-premise sales data for a winery to their distributors
  • View winery and distributor performance in a state
  • View winery sales by varietal in a state
  • View reports on screen, as PDF, or export as Excel for further analysis
  • Access to all linked and summary level services (described below)
Linked Level
  • Distributors are linked to the wineries they represent within a state.
  • Ability to view winery attributes (size, average bottle prices, parent companies) within each distributor.
  • Search by distributor with winery linkage or by winery with distributor linkage.
  • Find distributors who do or who do not represent specific winery profiles.
  • Learn which distributors your competitors are using.
  • Output reports on-screen, as Excel or PDF files.
  • Access is available for up to five users at client company
Summary Level
  • Access to contact info and full listing of distributor offices.
  • Search for specific distributors or view all distributors in a given state.
  • Summary of every distributor’s winery portfolio.

DMS Sales Data Mapping Facility
The combination of DMS winery and distributor data linked with sales data provides the ability to measure distributor performance by market.

Wine Vines Analytics has developed a mapping facility that allows clients to use sales data (like IRI or Nielson) that is incorporated into their current reporting systems and tie it to the Wines Vines Analytics winery and distributor databases. The mapping facility utilizes UPC code data in conjunction with the Wine Vines Analytics maintained tables, and can be integrated with online reporting systems, client software, or internal systems. All wine is mapped at the winery/brand level and is updated monthly to accommodate new products and winery ownership changes.

Reporting allows selection and analysis based on winery demographics, such as winery production size, winery average bottle price, and winery location, or based on distributor data attributes, such as composition of a distributors portfolio, parent company relationship, and geographic coverage.
Features Comparison SALES
Distributor offices
Distributor contacts
Distributor parent company linkage
Profile of wineries represented
Distributor to Winery linkage
Winery to Distributor linkage
Market sales summaries
Off-Premise sales by winery, distributor, and indexes
LARGE MARKETS (additional fee)
California, Florida, Illinois, Texas Off-Premise sales data
SMALL MARKETS (additional fee)
Nevada, Oregon, Washington Off-Premise sales data

For questions, pricing information or to order service, contact Account Services at 866-453-9701 ext. 107 or email

Product Information Sample Data Contact Us Free Demo