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Hot Spotter by Shur Farms
Shur Farms unveiled its new Hot Spotter air drain to manage cold air and protect crops from frost damage. The smaller unit is designed to provide an economic solution for areas with persistent cold air drainage issues. READ MORE

MeasureTek Agricultural Monitoring System
MeasureTek released its “Good Measure” system to provide a constant stream of real-time crop and environmental data to growers. The system consists of data loggers and communication devices that transmit data to the ResultX and ControlX systems. READ MORE

Dosatron Ultra Lean Dilution System
Dosatron International, Inc., released its Ultra Lean Dilution system for fertilizer and chemical injectors. The system pre dilutes acid and other corrosive chemicals with rates of 1:100 to 1:9,000,00. READ MORE

Sprayer Control System
TeeJet Technologies released the Radion 8140 sprayer control unit. The device is equipped with a 4.3” color touch screen to help sprayer operators enter system settings and application rates. READ MORE

Meritage Blend of American Oak Spirals
The Barrel Mill released its new “Meritage Blend” American oak spirals that combine four toasts to add increased depth, flavor and finish. The spirals replicate a new oak barrel-toasting gradient of light, medium, medium plus and heavy toasts to complement medium-bodied wines. READ MORE

Alion Herbicide by Bayer CropScience
The new Alion herbicide from Bayer CropScience delivers long-lasting, pre-emergent control of grass and broadleaf weeds in citrus, grape, tree nut and tree fruit crops. READ MORE

TeraVina Retail and Production Software
Oztera announced the release of its TeraVina software suite that it touts as a “dirt to dinner table” system to manage both wine production and sales. READ MORE


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About Wine Analytics Report
About Wine Analytics Report
By Wines Vines Analytics
  Della Toffola Group - Total Wine Technologies - ITA
Della Toffola Group - Total Wine Technologies - ITA
By Della Toffola USA, Ltd.

Inspired for You
Inspired for You
By Vivelys USA - Oenodev, Inc.
  Electric Shears: Addressing America's Farm Labor Crisis
Electric Shears: Addressing America's Farm Labor Crisis
By Infaco USA

We are G3
We are G3
By G3 Enterprises
  Need Wine Labels? Lean Labeling┬« from Labeltronix can help!!
Need Wine Labels? Lean Labeling® from Labeltronix can help!!
By Labeltronix


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