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November 2018 Data  -  Released on December 15, 2018
Selective Consumer Boosts Off-Premise Sales 3%
Off-premise sales through multiple-outlet and convenience stores in the four weeks ended Dec. 2 totaled $808 million, market research firm IRI reported, up 3% from last year. Sales in the latest 52 weeks were flat at just over $9 billion on softer case volumes. Consumers are willing to spend but doing so more selectively. Sales of the top five varietals in the $25-plus price segment increased 9% to $201 million, for example, but case volumes saw slower growth at just 7%.
Off-Premise Sales IRI Channels » Month   12 Months  
November 2018 $808 mil
$9,026 mil
November 2017 $782 mil $8,871 mil

Off-premise sales totaled $808 million in the four weeks ended Dec. 2, up 3% from a year ago.


Off-premise case volumes increased 1% to 9.7 million in the four weeks ended Dec. 2.


Off-premise sales at $25-plus a bottle rose 8% to $235 million in the 52 weeks ended Dec. 2. Cabernet Sauvignon accounted for $78 million of sales in the segment, followed by Chardonnay at $58 million. Sauvignon Blanc saw the strongest growth, gaining 25% in sales to approach $14 million.


About IRI Channels

Sourced from Chicago-based IRI, these figures cover sales in multiple-outlet and convenience store channels. These include grocery, drug, mass marketers, membership clubs, dollar and convenience stores. Liquor store sales are not included.

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