Growing & Winemaking


Depth Filtration vs. Crossflow

October 2008
by Dr. Richard Carey
Figure 1: NTU vs. Pressure
Wine Filtration
Nephelometric Turbidity (NTU) is a measure of the clarity of a liquid. The BecoPad shows equal or better clarity compared to standard pads with no high pressure breaching of the pads.
Source: Dr. Richard Carey
Several forces have driven changes in filtration technology during the last couple of decades, including environmental concerns, the health and safety of winery workers, and wine quality. The major active component in traditional depth filtration is diatomaceous earth (DE), which has several major problems. First, it is difficult to dispose of because it does not decompose. Second, it is a known health hazard--DE can cause symptoms similar to coal miners' "black lung" disease when inhaled over long periods of time.

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