Cork supplier Trefinos opens U.S. operation

Napa, Calif.—Spanish cork producer Trefinos SL has opened an office and warehouse in California. The company’s new venture in the U.S. coincides with its development of the CWINE brand of technical cork closures that are produced with Trefinos’ process in treating cork granules with super critical carbon dioxide to strip out TCA and other impurities. The suppler offers an individual guarantee on the closures available in three different ranges of permeability.

“With the growth in the U.S. market, especially in the technical cork segment, we see a perfect opportunity to establish a local presence to better serve the growing market and customer needs,” said Cristina Ginesta, general manager of Trefinos, in a statement announcing Trefinos USA.

Based in Girona, Spain, Trefinos has produced corks for more than 250 years. The company is printing, coating and filling orders from a facility in Napa. compacwine.com

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