Wines & Vines 2008 Directory/Buyer's Guide Available Now in Print -- Winery and PhoneBook Quick Search Available Online

by Wines & Vines staff
Wines & Vines 2008 Directory/Buyer's Guide Available Now in Print -- Winery and PhoneBook Quick Search Available Online
San Rafael, Calif. -- The 2008 Wines & Vines Directory/Buyer's Guide is now available for purchase and delivery. Updated annually by leading wine and grape industry trade publisher Wines & Vines, the 2008 directory provides more than 20,000 industry listings, including over 5,000 North American wineries. Reflecting the boom in new wineries that continued to reverberate across North America last year, more than 500 winery listings--a 12% increase--have been added to the new directory.

Also now available online, the just launched website, winesandvinesdirectory.com features the Winery and PhoneBook Quick Search sections of the directory. Site users can quickly search comprehensive listings for 5,000-plus wineries, and access pinpoint locations for each winery with the GoogleMaps integrated system. The newly added PhoneBook section will allow users to quickly search and connect to more than 18,000 industry people across the North American wine industry. Access is free, although subscribers to the print directory are able to access the fully expanded online reports.

Among the print guide's updated features are the comprehensive Industry PhoneBook and Winery Public Relations sections.

Also new and exclusive to the Wines & Vines Directory/Buyer's Guide are sections on Direct Shipping and Custom Crush Facilities. The completely redesigned Direct Shipping section outlines state laws and regulations that govern wine shipping, and provides information about license requirements, taxes and distributor relationships. The extensive Custom Crush Facilities section lists nearly 500 custom crush operations, designed to assist up-and-coming vintners in locating facilities that can provide assistance with the process of making wine and launching their own labels.

Another unique feature is the Distributors section, which includes contact information for 800 North American wine distributors, as well as the wineries each company represents.

At 850 pages, the directory provides more than 20,000 industry listings, including North American wineries, distributors, winegrape growers, custom crush facilities, industry suppliers and service providers, wine retailers, wine writers, plus hundreds of trade associations, government agencies, wine competitions, university courses and viticultural areas of North America.

"With the 2008 edition, not only have we continued to add useful new sections and improve content in print, but we have started to provide these services online," says Wines & Vines publisher Chet Klingensmith. "We're certain that the combination of the print directory and winesandvinesdirectory.com provide the most useful tools available to the wine and grape industry."

The 2008 Wines & Vines Directory/Buyer's Guide may be purchased for $95 through the company's website, winesandvinesdirectory.com, or by calling (866) 453-9701. It will also be available for purchase with Free FedEx shipping from the Wines & Vines booth at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, Jan. 30 and 31, in Sacramento, Calif.
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