Marketing Matters


Online Surveys Encourage Feedback

June 2008
by Wines & Vines staff
Online Winery Surveys
Customers completing online surveys prefer multiple-choice questions--the fewer the better.
If you're wondering how you can sell more wine, draw more people to winery events or get members to stay in your wine club longer, there's an easy way to find the answers you seek: Ask your customers what they want. A decade ago this meant asking people to fill out comment cards in the tasting room, or getting them to answer and mail back paper surveys. Even if you managed to get some completed forms back, some poor sucker at the winery then had to go through them and tally the results--if he could even read respondents' handwriting. Chances are, the survey forms sat in a pile on someone's desk for a few weeks before being shuffled to another stack and forgotten.

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